Physical Planning

In order to control and guide development of upcoming Towns and Trading Centres, Kaliro District Local Government is commits some of its funds to production of Physical Development Plans for Town Boards and fast growing Trading centres i.e. Financial years 2014/2015 and 2015/ 2016 Physical Development plans for Bulumba Town Board and Bwayuya Trading centre were produced and approved respectively. Implementation for the plans is ongoing. In this financial year, the Process for developing a Physical development plan is going on for Namwiwa Town Boad

The access road demarcation exercise went on immediately after every sensitization and inception meeting conducted in the respective areas. Pegs and mark stones were planted.
In Bulumba Town Board, it started on 6th Sept 2017 after the meeting and continued up to 7th Sept 2017. 9 access roads were surveyed and marked
Namwiwa town Board, the meeting was held on 11th Sept 2017, the road demarcation exercise was carried out on 12th Sept 2017 and 21st Sept 2017.
10 access roads were surveyed and marked.

Bwayuya trading centre, the meeting was held on 13th Sept 2017 and the demarcation exercise started on that day after the meeting and continued up to 14th Sept 2017
The whole activity was supervised and monitored by the district physical planner for proper execution and implementation of the Physical development plans
]The demarcation exercise was completed on 21/09/2017 and I have attached the physical development plans for the three areas showing the demarcated roads.

]other activities done under physical planning include;

1. Planning towns and trading centres in the District.

2. Guiding developers in processing proper Building plans.

3. Enforcing the Town and Country Planning Act, 1964, and other relevant laws.

4. Drawing the structural land use layout.

5. Drawing site plans for plots

6. Demacating plots in towns /trading centres.

7. Inspecting structures/buildings in towns/trading centres to ensure compliance with the land use plan.