Economic activities

[b]The economic activities:[/b]
The major economic activitiy in kaliro is Agriculture with 94.5% of the total population engeaged in Crop growing while 72.1% in livestock farming. Agriculture is divided into two mainly sybsistance and commercial farming. the major crops grown include;

  • Maize-subsistance and commercial
  • Rice-subsistance and commercial
  • sweet potatoes-subsistance /commercial
  • millet-subsistance /commercial
  • cassava-subsistance/commercail
  • bananas-commercial
  • sugarcan-commercial
  • coffee-commercial
  • citrus -commercial
  • pineapples-commercial.

The other economic activities include

  • Trade,
  • Transport ( land and water),
  • Lumbering,
  • small scale manufacturing,
  • Telecommunication services ,
  • Fshing, etc.

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